IN-SIGHT is a software aimed at facilitating the work of oncologists, radiologists or surgeons willing to deal with their patient’s cases through advanced analysis of diagnostic images. During the same work session, IN-SIGHT will allow the doctor to easily use radiological images, visualize them and consult the full set of a patient’s clinical details, finally reconstructing in 3D the CT, CT-PET or MRI scans.

Moreover, IN-SIGHT offers an overlapping function through which it is possible to compare different radiological exams over time. This function (technically called registration) allows to observe changes that would not be highlighted by a plain bi-dimensional measurement. IN-SIGHT performs an absolute volumetric comparison between pre- and post-treatment images.

Data obtained through IN-SIGHT is a strong informative support to the analysis of single cases, and allows the doctor to focus on diagnosis and therapeutic decisions.
IN-SIGHT represents an innovative tool with different applications according to the medical field:

1. In Medical Oncology, it is an advanced method for disease stadiation.
2. In Surgery, it is an advanced planning method, as vessles are clearly represented.
3. In Interventional Oncology, IN-SIGHT can overlap the volume of a nodule and that of the necrosis generated by the treatment and give an accurate estimate of the success of the procedure. It is also a planning tool, useful to calculate safety margins and allow a post-interventional assessment of the ablation.